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Two different models, available up to 10 meters and with the desired bending force



Our R&D department has given as last issue the press brake VIS, a bending solution which exploits new concepts for mechanical and electronic systems, such as:
  • Axes with independent movements.
  • Controls and actuation completely by ball screws which give very high performances. It avoids wear and clearances and guarantees precision, fast movements and silent process.
  • Completely electrical machine: it has no hydraulic equipment, which may cause oil leakages and, practically, it does not require maintenances.
  • Machine size suitable for installation on the floor (no pits required).
  • Compensation table managed by a graphic program that guarantees perfect and straight bending angles, adapting to the variation of length and thickness of materials to be bent.
  • Last generation of graphic program Gamma 5 that manages up to 5 axes and it can be interfaced to another main managing program GA.GE. The system enables the ?talk? among one or more press-brakes, the cut-to-length lines that cut the blanks to be bent and with the coil storehouse.
All the management is done from the main managing PC.
Suite GA.GE. has the following assets:
GA.GE. Server to store suppliers and customers personal data.
GA.GE. FrontEnd to check, manage and plan the production from supplier to customer.
GA.GE. Terminal located on machines, either press-brakes or cut-to-length lines.
This is our updated answer to updated needs of a modern production system.
Press brake VIS, besides to the traditionally shaped punch and die, can be supplied with special tools such as: bend/press punch (180°), programmable back-shoulders and front holding table.
Technical data
Bending force
1400 kN (140 ton)
mm 6.500 up to mm 8.100
Distance between back walls
from mm 6.000 up to mm 7.400
Installed power
22 kW
Graphic programmer
5 axes


Bending machine for low thicknesses and big widths: from 6 to 12 metres. Complete of graphic programmable software and rabbets for the positioning of the sheet-metal blank.
This is the ideal bending machine for the production of many different profiles, to be changed quickly and often.

Composed by four electro-welded shoulders, each one containing a pressure group that can develop up to 30.000 kg each. The four pulling groups are connected by a balanced transmission system and are actuated by a DC motor with variable speed, completely controlled by an electronic software in degrees (mod. GAMMA).
The programmer is controlled through keypad and colour display.
Graphical visualization of the bending angles and of the profiles to be produced. Use of two correction index: for the material characteristics and for the bending direction.
Possibility of saving up to 250 bending recipes, of a maximum of 20 bends each.
The machine can be provided of the “bending-pressing system”, with pneumatic activation.
Lifting by means of pneumatic control, completed by air-regulation equipment and pedals.
During the normal bending process, the die is lowered and guarantees the required rigidity to allow a precise bending.
The programmer also controls the speed and the acceleration/deceleration of the bending tool.
Diagnosis of the inlet and outlet situation in real time.

Technical data
Bending force
120 ton
Backwalls intake
800 mm
Motor power
19 kW
Total used power
10 kW
Double cavity
12 mm and 20 mm
Safety photocells
Electrical equipment
Centralized lubrication system